Trek Plastic Markets

Off-Highway Sector

The off-highway sector plays a huge part in our economy and impacts so many other important industries.

Like the greater automotive industry, these vehicles, too, need high-quality, customised plastic and polyurethane products and components in order to function optimally.

Products we manufacture for both the exteriors and interiors of off-highway vehicles include (but are not limited to):
Dashboards Door inners Exterior body panels Fenders Fender liners Floor liners HVAC ducting systems Roof modules Seat backs/pans Seat cushions

Products produced for


Thermoformed Dashboards

Other Industries

Our industries are not limited to just automotive, off-highway, mass transport, leisure, and industrial packaging, but these are the markets in which we have the greatest prominence. We could fit into most industries, including agriculture, gardening, sport, sanitation, interior décor, hospitality, mechanical and medical engineering, and more. We can create and manufacture almost anything – realise almost any design.

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